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About the Electric Propulsion Lab

The Electric Propulsion Laboratory (EPLab) contains space vacuum simulation facilities for investigating advanced space propulsion and plasmadynamic systems. The laboratory includes three vacuum chambers and associated high throughput vacuum pumps, a long-period pendulum thrust stand, a null-type inverted pendulum thrust stand, numerous plasma plume diagnostics, and high-speed data acquisition systems. The laboratory has a rich research history, including DC and pulsed arcjet electrothermal thrusters, Teflon pulsed plasma thrusters, electrode erosion, solar sails, and high-power electromagnetic propulsion. Recent research activities have included synthesis and testing of new chemical and electric rocket propellants, development of a new small satellite propulsion concept called multi-mode micro-propulsion, exploration of electric solid propellant for pulsed plasma thrusters, characterization of gas breakdown characteristics of pulsed inductive plasmas, investigation of nanoparticle manipulation using plasmonic nano-structures, and control of plasma striations in atmospheric pressure plasmas. The EPLab has been fortunate to receive strong steady funding from NASA, AFOSR, AFRL, DoE, and industry, including collaborative programs with CU Aerospace.

Faculty Researchers Location Phone Website
Joshua Rovey 6S Talbot Lab
18B Talbot Lab
217-300-7092 Personnel Profile

Lab Capabilities

An extensive overview of the EPLabs's space vacuum simulation facilities, supporting mechanical equipment, and controlled environments for assembly & integration of electric propulsion devices.

A review of past and present electric propulsion devices and prototypes used for research in our laboratory facilities.

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The University of Illinois Electric Propulsion Lab and its associated faculty can be reached through the following outlets.



Research Director: Prof. Joshua Rovey - rovey@illinois.edu

Now Hiring!:

We are currently looking to hire a Postdoctoral Research Assosciate interested in advance space propulsion.

Required: PhD in Aerospace Engineering or related field. Per University of Illinois policy, eligible candidates must have obtained their PhD degree within 10 years of the start date of the position.

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Research Opportunities:

If you would like to be considered for an undergraduate or graduate research position with the EPLab at UIUC, please send your resume and a statement of interest to our research director, Prof. Joshua Rovey - rovey@illinois.edu